iGrafx is a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. Based on these solutions, productive processes can be flexibly designed, implemented and optimized for the entire company. iGrafx effectively combines the three most important process components – IT, business analysis and process initiatives – in order to support a measurable increase of productivity. The BPM solution package of iGrafx covers all areas of business process analysis. iGrafx solutions enable companies that want to optimize their business processes to significantly increase the return on investment (ROI) in such initiatives. You can easily deploy iGrafx solutions system-wide, seamlessly update products, share process-relevant knowledge via a central repository, and significantly reduce costs. iGrafx consistently focuses on benefits of its customers. The iGrafx process-oriented solution tools are comprehensive and easy to use that enables both international corporations and mid-sized companies to efficiently defend or expand their leading position in global competition.

iGrafx offers solutions in the following areas:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): The iGrafx GDPR Suite helps companies comply with GDPR guidelines and makes compliance to a competitive advantage.
  • Performance Management: With the help of operational KPIs, business performance can be monitored efficiently.
  • Process Automation: The process automation software combines different systems with an automated workflow, processes can be set up, executed and controlled.
  • Risk & Compliance: The risk management solution of iGrafx enables organizations to locate vulnerabilities, reduce costly processes and prepare for compliance audits.
  • SAP Optimization: Communication between IT and business enables efficient support of business goals.
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Benefits of iGrafx:

  • Web-based single point of entry for enterprise-wide accessibility and adoption
    Model Integrity for better change management
  • Enhanced Business Modeling improves how business knowledge is captured and analyzed
  • Powerful web-based reporting and dashboards to aid in rapid decision making
    Scalable solution to support both secure and complex IT environments
  • Role-Based benefits encourage broad adoption

Ease of Deployment: Ease of Access
With iGrafx, you can decide what method of deployment will work best for you and your organization, whether completely cloud-based, within you datacenters or somewhere in between.

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