Iron RS

Our offer includes a solution which generates documents in the form of PDF files on the basis of HTML source files and sends them out using appropriately defined distribution channels.

Iron RS is usually one of elements of business applications of BPM class, but it can also be employed as a standalone tool used for mass or individual sending of documents created by various applications in a company. It can be used to generate mail merge or mass mailing, for example, of investor information, bank statements, or invoices.

Iron Report Server makes mass processing of documents possible, improves communication in an organisation, and takes over functions of generation and distribution of information from other systems and applications while keeping the visual coherence of the sent data. It can be used through any SOA application, thanks to the client-server architecture and universal API.

Distribution channels:

e-mail notifications

  • Configuration with e-mail box support is carried out using IMAP.
  • Information about the sent message remains in the outbox of the e-mail account.
  • There is also an option to use one’s own template and change the size of message attachments.

file download (URL)

  • is carried out using the HTTP/HTTPS,
  • there is an option to store a file in the local or external repository.

sending to the external document database

  • it is possible to place the file generated along with the metadata describing it;
  • it uses the CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard supported by all major content management systems, inter alia, IBM FileNet Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint or Alfresco.

distribution to the BPM application

  • is carried out by means of the HTTP/HTTPS using the REST API or the SOAP Web Service API.



External IBM BPM system or service triggers a document generation action, providing the necessary data for the file being created. Communication takes places by means of the HTTP/HTTPS using the REST (Representational State Transfer). Iron Report Server (IronRS) service queues tasks and proceeds to document generation which can be supported by integration with JasperReportsĀ® Server. Subsequently, the generated document is placed in the local repository followed by its distribution through predefined channels. It is possible to use multiple channels for one document.

Thanks to the integration of the Iron Report Server with generally available JasperReportsĀ® Server software, it is possible to generate documents in the most popular formats such as *.docx, *.pptx and on the basis of predefined templates as well as to communicate with any database.