IBPM academy


IBPM academy

We maintain the IBPM Academy – our proprietary educational program, addressed to engineers and graduates who want to specialize in a new field or to change their qualifications to work with IBM BPM, IBM ODM, or IBM Integration Bus technologies.

Akademia IBPM

Who can enrol at the Academy?

Anyone with an engineer’s or bachelor’s degree, regardless of the major, may apply for participation in the program. You do not have to be an IT graduate nor have work experience in the IT sector.

Practice counts

The Academy program lasts approx. 4 months. For this period, we employ the participant under a contract of mandate as an intern or apprentice.

We start the first month with individually selected courses, during which each participant has the opportunity to work with our best specialists.

During the second month, the student starts active participation in our projects. Our expectations are not high. However, we want to verify in practice how our students use the gained knowledge in real work. The participants most often start this Academy stage with tests and performance of the so-called proof of concept.

During the third and fourth month, the student participates in our commercial, support, and development projects.

The Academy ends with an internal spoken exam, similar to the one conducted by IBM. In this way, the student prepares for the certification exam. It is not required, but we truly recommend it to everyone!

What comes next?

After passing the internal exam, everyone has the opportunity to become our Junior Developer and find employment under attractive conditions. The internship can take place, e.g., at PwC – a company with which we actively cooperate.