The time of registration of a damage notification carried out via another channel than the telephone has been cut down to one day from three days. The amount of information on the course of a case, which can be used by the Customer Service employees, has increased twofold. At the same time, the number of e-mails, which had to be attached to cases filed in the damage system each day by as many as two people, has dropped from 700 to… zero! These are only some of the effects which the company managed to achieve through the use of solutions proposed by IBPM.

The cooperation of the insurance company, which has been operating in Poland for almost 20 years, with IBPM started in 2013. Gothaer commissioned the development and implementation of a unified platform based on the IBM Business Process Manager Standard (IBM BPM) software and the IBM System Storage technology. What the company primarily wanted was to improve the level of customer service by the development of a new system used to manage business processes.

Results? Increased company revenue, the fact of standing out from the competition with regard to insurance for individual clients/small and medium-sized enterprises as well as improvement and facilitation of the daily work of Gothaer’s employees.


Faster case resolution as early as on the first interaction!

Projects completed using solutions implemented by IBPM S.A. made it possible for all company stakeholders to see the true value of the changes executed and investments made, and these showed measurable rates. 80 is the level to which the FCR (First Contact Resolution) rate was possible to be improved. It pertains to the number of cases reported by clients and resolved on the first interaction. People who would devote their working time every day to handle up to 700 messages were able focus their attention on more important tasks thanks to automation.

But that’s not all. IBPM also implemented a dictionary of cases for the client, which serves various departments – Advertising, Debt Recovery, and Policy Registration; whereas, the system processes were transferred to separate applications. As a result, an employee can focus more closely on single cases for which he or she is responsible. This has become possible thanks to Mercury, i.e. a data repository which contains information pertaining to all cases handled by Gothaer.


More complete control over the team

The IBM BPM software, thanks to the fact that it works together with other systems used in the company, allows all Customer Service employees to access these, which results in a faster and simpler service.

What is more, through the Agile methodology developed by IBPM S.A., the senior staff can cooperate more closely in terms of business process modelling and respond faster to the changing needs of the market. They have full control over business processes and reporting and are able to monitor the activities of employees more closely, so that the efficiency of the Customer Service can be increased if necessary. Customer Service managers monitor the activities of the team, create performance reports, and assign new tasks in a much simpler way than before. On the other hand, owing to the direct and permanent access to information on closed cases, employees can proceed to subsequent tasks straight away. The working time on each project decreased considerably while the satisfaction and efficiency of employees increased.


Evolution, not revolution

However, what was most important for Gothaer was that the system implemented by IBM BPM could be developed gradually and slowly, without the need to transform the company as early as at the very beginning. It was very important. “The costs distributed at each stage were easily scalable,” explains Anna Skrzyńska, Project Manager at Gothaer. “Considering the fact that we had introduced the system initially only into several processes, it was easy to show the stakeholders the benefits it brought.”
And so, after the first stage of changes, Gothaer decided to expand cooperation with IBPM and concentrate on improving complaint procedures. A new application was born, based on the IBM BPM product, which allowed the management to assign priorities to individual cases and manage tasks of teams even more simply.

So far, e-mails were stored in individual mailboxes of agents. Today, all documents concerning compensations, comments, and notes are collected in one system everyone has access to. It is simpler, faster, and thus more efficient! And this is crucial for a company being a member of a group which hires over 5,300 employees and cooperates with almost 8,000 agents.