Business process optimization and automation

We realize that ordered and automated business processes translate into the whole company’s success. There are several reasons for that:

  • they allow faster reaction,
  • to cater to our Clients’ needs,
  • to undertake the right decisions,
  • they reduce the operation performance costs,
  • they increase revenues by professional and quick performance of services for our Clients.

The key factor is, however, that they should not only serve the service recipients, but the service providers – most often the company employees – as well.

With the IBPM solutions implemented, the employees will be able to focus on the most productive tasks. It is crucial; therefore, we present a different, individual approach to each company, starting with an extensive analysis and understanding the Client’s business processes.

As part of the offer, we render the following services:


We create process applications tailored to our Clients’ requirements.

What does such a solution comprise?

  • The creation of specific applications that enable work automation and standardization at the Client’s company.
  • The creation and implementation of business rules (BRM) to automate business decisions.
  • The integration of existing applications and systems into complex processes, thus greatly reducing necessary manual labour.
  • Provision of one user interface encompassing multiple systems, so that the users do not have to toggle between many applications.

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We provide automation of employees’ everyday activities with software robots (Robotic Process Automation).

What does such a solution comprise?

  • We analyse and indicate potential spots where automation could bring improvements.
  • The creation of a Business Case to present financial benefits resulting from investment into RPA.
  • Automation.
  • Joining minor actions, performed by software robots, into complex automatic processes, which fulfil the Client’s business needs all the way through (e.g., from the buyer contacting the company, through the product purchase management, payment, up to providing help with the use of the product).