The creation of a consistent client support environment

  • document, issue and information management automation

  • increase of control over data gathered by the enterprise

  • capturing and storage of all information and documents that the company receives

Omnichannel solutions

With the Omnichannel environment, the company is capable of providing consistent and efficient Client support. It seamlessly adapts to on-going changes in communication owing to one consistent and comprehensive view on the Client, instead of multiple views not related to each other, and often obsolete pieces of information.

What can we do?

  • Consulting service consisting in the explanation and construction of an architecture of systems that allow consistent Client support,
  • Business Case development,
  • the provision of software with which it is possible to perform the Omnichannel solution,
  • the implementation of solutions aimed at meeting the Client’s particular needs.

Comprehensive Client support

We provide tools for comprehensive Client support rendered using multiple channels: via the website, phone, or mobile applications.

We implement the following:

  • FSM systems to manage and optimize the employees’ field operations
  • case management for dynamically changing processes that require an individual approach depending on the situation. In addition, they ensure meeting the Client’s standards and achieving the expected quality,
  • application creation for business processes, such as Backoffice, HR, client support, and retention.

MDM – Master Data Management

We provide solutions for the management of master data.

We offer the following:

  • MDM solution designing,
  • the implementation of data consistency management processes in the organization,
  • the implementation of tools to automate keeping data consistency
  • upgrading the existing applications and systems with an MDM solution.

Document management

We support flow management of documents, information, and data from any source.

What does such a solution comprise?

  • Designing an environment which enables effective acquisition and storage of information coming from multiple sources such as e-mail, fax, hard copy files, text message, or a website,
  • the implementation of OCR tools for recognizing characters and whole texts in a raster graphics file, such as a scanned document,
  • integration with Speech2Text solutions,
  • the implementation of automatic rules regarding categorization, grouping and decision taking in relation to the management method for information and documents, e-mails and other data of this type.