Olaf Pospischil

President of the Management Board

His interests and extensive experience encompass leadership activities and typically technical, technological issues. He is a consultant, project manager, and solution architect in the scope of using IT systems in enterprises. He has been implementing BPM processes, ERP applications, as well as managing IT teams for over 15 years. He is passionate about constant development – gaining new specializations and taking up ever more complex architectural and managerial challenges. He shares his knowledge and skills during internal training courses at IBPM S.A., and during external workshops at clients’ offices. Olaf observes the changes in the technological environment, looks for challenges, and coordinates works aimed at creating innovative solutions. His experience, agile approach, and focus on high quality services delivered in response to the current needs of end users constitute the key components of our projects.

Olaf Pospischil IBPM
Piotr Gapanowicz IBPM

Piotr Gapanowicz

Vice President of the Management Board

For over 19 years, he has been building and managing project teams, implementing IT systems in organizations from various sectors (mainly the public sector and utility, ICT and power sectors). Piotr has an in-depth knowledge of software development processes and has many years of experience in IT project performance (particularly B2B, B2C-class systems, billing systems, as well as integration and standardization projects). With all this knowledge and experience, he can adopt a wider perspective during consultation sessions with the client. Thanks to his practice in competence team management within the framework of the company organizational structure, he is able to effectively manage both the company as a whole and the Delivery department at IBPM S.A. He is fascinated by the feeling of permanent change in the growing organization. Piotr can be characterized by flexibility, dynamic activities, a dialog-focused approach, and analytical thinking. His authority and openness to each employee fit into our company’s agile culture.

Robert Izdebski

Vice President of the Management Board

An engineer by profession and inborn predispositions. For 15 years, thanks to advanced techniques, he has been translating technology into business reality. The crucial driving forces to him are Time-to-Market and Business Value. He specializes in good architectural solutions in high-risk projects. The higher the risk, the more effective the action, and the more innovative the solutions. He believes that every project can be implemented with the effective application of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) platform – without even having to code “Hello, world!” Leadership, Technology, Psychology constitute the components of a pragmatic SOA vision in IT. He is fascinated by the complexity of social systems, corporate cultures, and individual psychology. The key is enterprise architecture, which merges the possibilities of various technological platforms with more complex business challenges, created by the market driven by changes resulting from the information life cycle. He is also interested in the cooperation of several business philosophies, such as Lean, TOC, Business Psychology, and Individual Coaching, when they are merged by IT automatons, which are free from emotions.

Robert Izdebski IBPM

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