Process templates

Our job is the professional development of software for various departments:


  • onboarding;
  • notice of termination;
  • clearance slip;
  • delegation applications as well as the settlement of allowances and business expenses;
  • absence (e.g., holiday leaves, leaves, days off due to training);
  • periodic medical examinations and training (e.g., OH&S);
  • change of terms of employment;
  • employee pay grade change process;
  • employee recruitment;
  • demand for HR documents.


  • description and acceptance of cost documents,
  • the circulation of official letters.

Task management:

  • assigning of tasks and their acceptance by employees,
  • project management.

Order management – life cycle of fixed assets:

  • demand and procurement management;
  • the creation of an archive of paper documents and the management of documents, binders, and rooms.