IBPM Mercury

We propose the use of a single data repository in the client-server architecture for coherent information collection and reporting.

What is IBPM Mercury?

It is a database (object) management system that allows effective registration, search, comparison, and audit of data used, inter alia, in process applications. It can serve the function of a data repository, which is independent of systems already existing in the organisation, or be an excellent complementation of BPM class systems, or internally created applications.

IBPM Mercury combines data and catalogues them on the basis of a fixed relational model, object identification, and correlations between them. Moreover, it facilitates identification and access to the data, boosts the efficiency of their processing and speeds up reporting and thus makes the work of developers more efficient.

IBPM Mercury is based on the SQL relational model, which enables data identification on the basis of object fields and correlation revision.

Technical characteristics:

  • client-server architecture,
  • ability to use in any application,
  • universal API,
  • recording of the history of changes in the data,
  • speed and scalability,
  • versioned changes of structures of objects,
  • ability to hierarchise objects,
  • standardisation of reporting mechanisms,
  • simple GUI allowing management of objects,
  • data writing and reading not requiring the knowledge of object structure,
  • data searching using Apache Lucene.