About the Company

We develop solutions which will increase the level of your Clients’ support.

How do we work?

We will help you streamline your operations, increase performance, and reduce the costs of conducting business activity.

We specialize in the creation and implementation of business management support software developed by renowned world manufacturers. IBM BPM is our leading technology. As the first ones in Poland, we chose Lombardi Teamworks, today known as IBM BPM, as early as 10 years ago.

Thanks to us, you will see how to manage business processes in a smart way, how to quickly perform the delegated tasks, and how to support the Client more effectively. Consequently, you will increase your value on the market and you will leave the competition far behind.


Companies which have deployed our solutions

  • perform their commercial transactions faster

  • shorten the time necessary for the service performance

  • reduce the number of unprofitable partners

Clients are eager to expand the cooperation with us with new services and solutions.

  • We connect business with IT

    We know how to translate business language into technical terms. Our general objective is credibility.

  • We follow the changes

    We create state-of-the-art solutions which address the needs of the changing market.

  • We act in a timely manner

    We apply proven project management methods, so our Clients do not have to worry about quality and deadlines.

  • We match the technology for your specific business

    We know which technology will make the everyday tasks of employees easier and speed up the Client support.

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Learn more about the specialists who create and implement state-of-the-art software especially for you – a software thanks to which you will succeed at all company development stages.

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