About us


As an IBM Gold Partner we are a polish leader in business processes management software implementation and services intended for medium and large-sized companies. Leading technology in which we develop processes applications is IBM BPM. We are the first team in Poland which deployed Lombardi Teamworks in 2008. In 9 years we have created a number of process applications productively used nowadays by our customers. Since 2016 we are an official business partner and distributor of iGrafx products, we deliver implementations of iGrafx solutions on polish market.


Olaf Pospischil : President of the Management Board

Olaf Pospischil

President of the Management Board

His interests and extensive experience include both leadership and typically technical technological issues. Consultant, project manager and solutions architect in the use of information systems in enterprises. For over 15 has implemented processes BPM, ERP applications, and also managed the IT teams. Passionate about his process of continuous development - acquiring new expertise and taking more and more architectural and managerial challenges. His knowledge and skills he transfers during both internal training in IBPM S.A. and on the external workshops for customers. Olaf observes changes in the technological environment, looking for challenges and coordinates the efforts towards the creation of innovative solutions. His experience, flexible approach and a focus on delivering high quality services in response to the current needs of the end-user is a key element of our projects.

+48 502 707 136
Piotr Gapanowicz : VicePresident of the Management Board

Piotr Gapanowicz

VicePresident of the Management Board

For more than 19 years he has developed and managed project teams implementing information systems in organizations of various industries (mainly public sector, utility, telecommunications and energy industries). Knowledge of the processes of software development and many years of experience in the implementation of projects (especially B2B, B2C class systems, billing systems and integration projects and standardization) allows Piotr taking a broader perspective during consulting sessions with clients. Practice in competence team management within the organizational structure of the company allows him to effectively manage both: the whole company and the Delivery department in IBPM S.A. He is fascinated by the sense of a permanent change in a growing organization. Characteristics of Piotr: flexibility, dynamic performance, focus on dialogue and analytical thinking. His authority and openness to each employee fit in with agile culture of our company.

+48 603 754 535
Robert Izdebski : VicePresident of the Management Board

Robert Izdebski

VicePresident of the Management Board

An engineer by training and innate predispositions, since 15 years thanks to advanced techniques Robert has translated the technology to business reality. According to him, the most important driving forces for operation are Time-to-Market and Business Value. He is specialized in good architectural solutions in the projects bearing special risk. The more risk, the more efficient operation and the more innovative solutions. He believes that each project can be implemented with the effective application platform named SOA (Service Oriented Archiutecture) - without even the slightest little bit encoding. Leadership, Technology, Psychology - are elements of a pragmatic vision of SOA in IT. He is fascinated by the complexity of social systems, corporate cultures and psychology of unit. The key is enterprise architecture, which combines the capabilities of different technological platforms with increasingly complex business challenges, which market creates, driven by the changes resulting from the information lifecycle. Robert is also curious about cooperation of several business philosophies such as Lean, TOC, Business Psychology, Coaching of unit, when they are connected by emotionless information technologies.

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We are a team of over 50 people specialised in following areas:

  • Business Analysis, Process Optimisation, Proces Advisory
  • Cross technology IT Project Management/ Scrum Management
  • BPM & BRM (IBM BPM, IBM ODM, iGrafx)
  • SOA (IBM Integration BUS. Websphere ESB, DataPower, API Management)
  • ECM & Portals (IBM ECM- Filenet, Microsoft Sharepoint, Alfresco, WAS Liberty Core)
  • Business Inteligence & Big Data (IBM Cognos, IBM SPSS)
  • Consulting (ROI, BPMN, EA, SOA)
  • We analyze and design service and production processes (Lean, TOC).
  • We implement process applications in IBM BPM technology with Playback methodology.
  • We conduct trainings in Business Process Management (BPM), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other areas.
  • We design Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF).
  • We implement Enterprise Architecture in organizations.
  • We design and implement systems architecture in organizations.
  • We conduct trainings in Enterprise Architecture.
  • We design SOA using the Open Group defined standards.
  • We implement SOA (technically).
  • We deal with outsourcing – we recruit experts for third-party businesses in many domains of IT.
  • We shorten the cycle of increasing competences (JS, Java, BPM, IBUS, …).
  • We create our own products (Mercury, IBM BPM toolkits).
  • We realize R&D (Research & Development) projects.

IBPM S.A. Presence

Our company data and main location:
IBPM S.A. (IBPM Incorporated)
NIP(VAT): PL7010390331
KRS: 0000472398
REGON: 146807063
Official correspondence address:
Warsaw 00-571
ul. Armii Ludowej 6/164
Our main operations are based in Poland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.
We are ready to provide IT services in Europe, Gulf Region.
Our main software products partners are located in USA, Germany.


6 reasons why to choose IBPM

Business uniqueness

We provide you the best valuable ideas and technologies so you could make your company create outstanding customer value.


Our business process modeling and requirement analysis skills display the highest proficiency level.

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

With SOA approach, we are able to build any type of IT architecture in any branch of business.

Amazing software tools

Doing project with us strongly relies on BPM, ECM, BI, ESB platforms and existing, surrounding software.

We think twice

As practitioners we are perfectly aware what it means to have working software on production environment. We keep inventing ways to integrate existing software rather than trying to rewrite the code by adding elements.

Your success is our success

We will not do or continue a project that is sense-less from the business point of view. We are extremely efficient when we see that our work brings you the business value.